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  • With Afghanistan's largest fleet of fuel tanker trucks, Lowboys, and Super-Lowboys, BNN is on the ground and ready to roll.

  • When fuel is essential to operations, BNN is there to deliver. We truck supplies from over the border to our locally guarded storage tanks and distribute nationwide.

Fueling The Nation of Afghanistan

Nations cannot function without fuel. BNN is the premier trucking and logistics company with operations driven to connect fuel supplies to mission critical demand.


BNN is the premier transporter of fuel supplies through the major corridors as well as the distant reaches of Afghanistan. We deliver!
Afghanistan Fuel Transport


No other company has more fuel distribution trucks operating in Afghanistan than BNN. Serious missions require the serious fleets that BNN owns.
Afghani Fuel Tanker Fleet


BNN integrates information, transportation, supplies, storage, and security to help keep Afghanistan fueled for recovery.
Afghanistan Logistics

Take charge of your operations by engaging with BNN LOGISTICS — one of the most trusted names among Afghanistan logistics companies.